A great article on ‘being Agile’, some of my highlights:

– “The engineers are no more important that then testers, nor the scrum master more important than the product owner. Each member of the team have their own role and responsibilities that when performed correctly, compliment each other and subsequently lead to the best possible outcome for the team.”

– “Collaboration means working together, not one side dictating to the other how something has to be done. The most successful form of collaboration works best when everyone in the team has empathy for everyone else, especially the customer.”

– “Know the problem before you try to solve it”

– “People will have what they believe are really good reasons for making a decision or behaving in a particular way. Understand the reasons, motivations and situation from their perspective, to have more meaningful and constructive conversations.”

– “Get the culture right. Reduce the amount of fear within your organisation with a focus on having safety nets over controls to allow teams to fail small, fail safely and ultimately embrace failure as a way to truly innovate.”

Always aim to get the culture right!