A fantastic article showing Agile in practice. Here are a few things that stood out to us:
– “Things don’t always proceed as planned. People discover a piece of work isn’t as simple as they’d thought. People make mistakes. People get sick and miss time at work. People leave and are replaced with new team members who don’t know the code base or the organisation’s internal procedures. Customers discover problems with the application and report “bugs.” Other teams in the organisation request services of a specialist team with no advance warning.”
– “… they assume whatever they’ve planned for the next week or two absolutely must come true, no matter what.”
– “You have a commitment to do your best work to deliver the maximum value to your customers that is feasible to deliver. If something unexpected comes up and it’s of higher value than the work you had planned, then you meet your commitment by doing the highest-value work that’s in front of you.”
And quite possibly one of the best opportunities: “Every time something happens that feels uncomfortable, it’s an improvement opportunity.”